Having a bike is fine, but what if you have too many bikes in your garage? Then it’s time to donate a bike to charity. There are places that will take bikes of all shapes and sizes to give to other girls and boys in need that don’t have bikes. And you can donate any type of bike from road bikes to cruiser bikes to mountain bikes. There are some places as far away as third world countries where you can donate bikes to.

The first step is to find out what bikes (if any) you want to, or can, donate. Look in all your storage sheds and garages to find thee extra bikes. Once you find these, set them aside to donate in a special spot. Preferably, they should be stored in a place where they won’t get wet or dirty.

You should inspect the bikes carefully to ensure they are in good condition. If they are, then that part is done. The bicycles that aren’t, need to be repaired before they are ready to be donated. Some bicycle shops will repair the bikes for a small fee, but it should be affordable or free if you want to donate it right there in the shop. If you choose to do the repairs yourself, prepare to put in some time and money to do it. Then after they are repaired, set them aside again.

Step two is finding places to donate them. This may be easy or hard, depending on the area, to donate since not all charities can store the bike. There are charities that take bikes or any bike shop in your area, including Goodwill. A Google search can help you immensely for your area, especially since every area is different.

Once you find the place where you want to donate the bikes, contact them and ask them what you need to do to donate them. Some will even come and pick it up right from your house. For other places, you will want to go drop it off and get a tax receipt for it. You will want to ask them their hours of operation and where they accept bigger donations, like bikes at their place.

When you have arranged a suitable time to donate, now is the time to go and do it. Take the time to know where you are going and the time it takes to get there. You will be able to get there in plenty of time if you do. Go ahead and unload the bikes, and then you will be able to get a tax receipt for them.

Once that is done, feel good about yourself. Donating a bike to charity is a good thing and will be appreciated by the child who will receive it. It clears clutter in your shed or garage, and a little boy or girl will be happy with a bike all their own. Donating bikes to charity is a good thing to do. More people should think about donating something like bicycles to charity. Often, though, old bikes are given to other neighborhood kids, which is good also.


If you want to make a donation to a favorite charity and do not want to give cash, there is an alternative. Donate a motor vehicle and free yourself from waxing it on weekends. Assuming the charity is one approved by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), then there are many reasons it makes sense to sign over that title to the charity.

One good reason involves a car that is in good shape. The charity can keep the car and use it for its own purposes. That could involve allowing an employee to drive it while soliciting or picking up donations. There are endless uses for the charity and it will save cash as the charity will not have to purchase another vehicle. They can use its cash for the more pressing problems the charity serves. Keep in mind that “good shape” just means that it works and is drivable and not that you shined it up with car wax and the like before donating it.

A second reason is taking a tax deduction. There are a couple of problems with this reason. The first and foremost is the fact that the donor must itemize deductions. If a person does not itemize, then the deduction cannot be taken. If a person has enough deductions without the automobile deduction, then it is a matter of obtaining a fair market value that can be justified to the IRS. Another possibility is a person with almost enough deductions who needs one more deduction so all their deductions are not lost. Donate a vehicle to get over the top.

Sometimes cars start to break down and the costs of repairs are not justified. In other words, it is smarter to get another vehicle rather than repairing the old one. In that case, donation makes perfect sense. Charities generally have the ways and means to dispose of donated vehicles so the repairs do not matter.

People use their old cars as trade when buying another vehicle. Sometimes though the value of the trade is just not worth much because the car dealer does not want the old car. That is the perfect time and reason to donate the car to charity.

Another reason to donate to charity is the ease of getting rid of the vehicle. No placing ads in the paper or online in an attempt to sell. No worry about buyers complaining about the vehicle after the sale. No arguing with car salesmen about the trade value. Just call the charity and they will handle all the details. Just tell them you want to donate a vehicle and your worries are over. It is just like cleaning out the closet and taking old clothes to a charity.

There is great value in feeling good about an action. When a vehicle is donated to a charity it is just like writing a check. The charity will sell the vehicle and get cash. The donor has helped the cause, no matter what it is. Charities want vehicles and many times run public service announcements asking for cars, especially at the end of the calendar year when donors are looking for tax deductions.

There are certainly more reasons to donate but just remember the best reason is helping the charity.


How To Donate Mattresses And Box Springs

Did you buy a new mattress set recently? Sometimes when you buy a new mattress set, the delivery driver will take away the old set. But sometimes they don’t.

So, what can you do with a used mattress and box springs set?

You can donate you used mattress and box springs to charity. In some states, the health department prevent charities like Goodwill from accepting used mattress sets. You should check with Goodwill and Salvation Army in your local area to see if they take used mattress donations.

If not, any place that assists homeless people or helps families get furniture will usually take mattress and box spring donations. So, check your local area for shelters and give them a call to see if they need any mattress or box springs. Just keep in mind that you may have to transport the mattress and box springs to the shelter yourself.

How To Donate A Massage Bed, Massage Chair Or Massage Table

Do you have a massage bed, table or chair that you no longer want? If so, you can donate that massage bed, table or massage chair. Sure, you may have a problem getting Goodwill or Salvation Army to take your massage bed donation. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t donate massage equipment. You just have to think outside the box about the types of places that would accept a massage bed or chair donation.

Any type of massage school, or massage program, will typically accept a massage equipment donation. And if they don’t, you can donate it to a student at the school. Bed and breakfasts, or B&B’s, often offer massage as a perk. You may be able to find a B&B that could use another massage table and would be glad to accept your donation.

You also have a couple of charity options for donating massage beds. Charities that help people get back on their feet and get good jobs are good places to try to donate a massage bed. They just might have someone that wants to start a spa or massage business.

Churches are another good option. Churches often look for fundraiser activities, and offering massages is a popular money maker at some church festivals.

How To Donate Pillows, Duvets and Other Bedding

Are you replacing some or all of your bedding? If so, you may have some pillows, a duvet or other bedding that you no longer need. Instead of throwing out those bedding items, why not donate them to a nonprofit organization? You can probably find several local charities in your local area that accept bedding donations.

In some instances, you may have difficulty donating pillows and duvets. This is because some state health departments advise against it for health reasons. However, you will find some shelters and furniture banks that do accept bedding donations of all types. Even mattresses!

Before donating your duvet, pillows or bedding, it is a good idea to make sure that the items are clean. You don’t want to donate items with large stains because there is a pretty high chance that the items will not be accepted.

Good places to try to donate are Goodwill and the Salvation Army, because they have thrift stores where donated items can be sold. You may have mixed success though. If so, ask around to find your local shelters and furniture banks. Then, make your donations there. You can also look for a church that is collecting items for families or homeless.

How To Donate Household Goods In New York City

Do you want to donate clothing in New York City? Do you want to donate furniture in New York City? Do you want to donate appliances in New York City?

If you are interested in how to donate household goods in NYC, it is something you can easily do. You may even qualify for a write-off on your taxes.

Any organization that you donate to that has tax exempt status earns you a tax write-off. However, you can only claim the fair market value of any item that you donate.

The Department of Sanitation’s NYCWasteLe$$ website can help you find a place to donate your household goods in New York City. Just view their “New Homes for Old Stuff” section of the website for a list of organizations that need your donation.

If you prefer to search for locations by borough, zip code or citywide you can do so on Department of Sanitation’s NYC Stuff Exchange website. Just look in the “Where to Donate” section. Additionally, you can consult the Mayor’s Volunteer Center’s database of places to donate household goods in New York City.

How to Donate A Television

Replacing your small TV with a big screen TV? If so, you may not want to keep your old TV. If that is the case, you can donate a television to charity. Goodwill and Salvation Army are two national charities that accept a TV donation. Local shelters and furniture banks are other organizations that accept a television donation.

You can donate a used television or a new television to charity. Before donating your TV, power it on to make sure it works. If your TV does not work, you should recycle it because a charity will not accept broken TVs.

Load your television in your car and take it to the drop-off donation center for the charity. If the charity is registered as a non-profit, you can get a receipt, which you can use for a tax write-off.

How to Donate Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets are easy to make and donate to charity. If you have some fleece blankets that you do not need or that you have made to donate to a charity, you can give the blankets to a variety of different charitable organizations. If you have a lot of the blankets to donate, you can even split your donation between more than one charity.

When you are ready to make the donation, you’ll find national and local organizations in your area where you can donate the blankets. Wash your fleece blankets, if they are used. Typically you can only donate items that are in good, clean condition. Use the or Charity Vault website to identify some charities in your area where you can make your donation.

Fleece blankets can be donated to a variety of places, such as the Humane Society, hospitals, United Way, shelters and Goodwill. Once you identify a charity you are interested in, click on it’s name to get contact details. Call or email the charity you have selected to make sure that fleece blankets are currently being accepted.

If that organization already has enough blankets, you can contact the next charity you are interested in. Once you have a charity that has a need for fleece blankets, ask how to donate. Some charities have a drop-off center while others want you to mail in the blanket. Get the blankets to the charity in the manner that they instructed you.


Looking for a way to make extra money in Wisconsin? You can help out women that are having trouble conceiving by donating eggs. According to TMJ 4 Milwaukee, compensation can be as high as $5,000 per donation. As of November 2010, the egg donor program at Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin is paying $3,000 per donation. Typically the compensation is not given to donor until the donation process is complete. It can take up to two weeks to receive the payment by mail.

Use the Fertility Network website to identify an egg donation center in your area of Wisconsin. As of November 2010, clinics are listed in LaCrosse, Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee.Contact information, including a website, is listed for each clinic, when available. Complete an interest application with the egg donation clinic that you are interested in using.

For example, Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin have an online donor interest application while other clinics may require you to call and complete the application over the phone.

Wait to be contacted after submitting your interest application. When you are contacted, you will typically be scheduled for an initial interview at the egg donation clinic. At the interview you will be asked about your sexual history, medical history and social history. If accepted at the interview stage, you must undergo a health screening.

Go back to the clinic when you are scheduled for your health screening. Typically you must be between the ages of 18 and 33 and healthy weight, but the age requirements can vary by clinic.

Your blood will be tested for diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis. You will also be given a pap smear, cystic fibrosis genetic screening and a psychological evaluation. If you pass all of this, you will be given the legal paperwork to sign before you can become a donor.

Attend your regularly scheduled clinic visits, which takes place over eight weeks. During this period, you will be taking medication to ensure a healthy egg cycle. Once the period is up, you are scheduled for the retrieval of the eggs.

Ask someone to drive you to the clinic on the day of your egg donation. While it is an outpatient procedure, you will not be able to drive yourself or return to work on the day of donation. You should be able to return to work on the following day. Egg donations are typically limited to six times in Wisconsin.


Do you have some extra scrapbooking supplies that you do not think you will use or need? If so, you do not have to leave them gathering dust in your hobby room. Instead, you can donate all of the extra scrapbooking supplies to a charitable organization. Both national and local charitable organizations accept scrapbooking supplies as donations. While places such as hospitals will only accept new items, there are some organizations that do accept used scrapbook supplies.

  • Gather together all of the scrapbooking supplies that you want to donate.
  • Separate the new items from the used items because some organizations may only accept the new items.
  • Pick a charitable organization for your donation.
  • Donate the scrapbook supplies to the charity that you chose.

It can simply be the closet place to you or with the easiest donation process. Or you can choose an organization that you identify with the most. Any organization that you choose will benefit from the donation.

Simple Scrapbooks Mag lists the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Child Abuse Prevention Association and Operation Scrapbook as organizations in need of scrapbooking supplies.

You can also look for churches, hospitals, community centers and other organizations in your local area that may need scrapbooking supplies.

For some of the organizations, you may have to mail the supplies to the donation center. If so, be sure to pack the items in a sturdy box to prevent damage.

If you are not sure how to get the scrapbook supplies to the donation center, just contact the organization first to find out.


When you upgrade to a new computer, you can donate your old used computer to a charity. In fact, your used computer donation can even be written off on your taxes. In order to donate a used computer to charity, you must make sure that it actually works. If it does, gather together all of the software and accessories that go with it. This means things like the keyboard, the mouse, any speakers or anything else that goes with it. Charities prefer to receive the whole package instead of something like a used computer tower with no keyboard or mouse.

You can look to see if there are any local charities in your area that accept computer donations. There may be some shelters or organizations that train people for jobs that need computer donations.

If you want to claim the donation on your taxes, be sure to check the IRS website (link opens in new window) before choosing a place to make sure the organization is eligible for tax deductible donations.

There are also national charities that accept used computer donations. The National Cristina Foundation is one such organization that is eligible for tax deductible donations of used computers. Gifts In Kind America in another national charity that accepts used computer donations.

Some charities want you to mail them your computer donation while other have drop off centers. If you aren’t sure how to get your computer to the charity, just contact them first to find out the specifics.

You may also want to check if the charity has any limitations on the types of systems that they accept. You may find out that your computer is too old for the charity that you planned on taking it. If that’s the case, just look for another charity.

How Do I Donate Computers In Carroll, Maryland?

Are you in the Carroll, Mayland area? Carroll, Maryland is part of the greater Baltimore, Maryland area. If you are in the area and have some computers that you no longer need or want to keep, you can dispose of those computers by donating them to a charity in the area.

Donating computers to a charitable organization not only keeps the electronic items out of landfills, but it helps out organizations and people in need. It also qualifies you for a write-off on your taxes for the charitable donation. Find charitable organizations in the Carroll, Maryland area by looking at the list of charities on the Charity-Charities website.

While not all charities accept computer donations, you can identify charities that you are interested in to find out what they accept.

Contact the Carroll area charities that you are interested in to see if they accept computer donations. Some charities may have restrictions on the types of computers they accept, such as only certain operating systems or processors.

Hook up your computer and power it on to make sure it still works. Usually you can only donate computers that actually work. If it works, gather up the keyboard, mouse and any other accessories that you plan to donate with it.

Look up the fair market value of the computer, which you need to claim the donation on your taxes. You can use the Used Price website to get the value amount. You can also look for similar computers for sale in the local Carroll newspaper classified ads to get your value amount.

Drop off your computer at the Carroll, Maryland charity or the charity donation center. Ask for a donation receipt if you intend to claim the donation on your taxes.

How To Donate Used Office Equipment and Office Furniture

If your office doing some upgrades or remodeling? If so, what is happening to the old equipment and furniture? Did you know that you can donate used office equipment? You can also donate used office furniture. In fact, any type of used office equipment can be donated to charity. Everything from a fax machine to a coffee maker to a computer.

While you may have trouble donating cubicle walls, you can donate desks, chairs and other office furniture. To do so, you just need to find a local charity that takes office furniture donations and office equipment donations. The Salvation Army and the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) are two national charities that take these items.

If you do a little research, you can probably find local charities in your area that accept office furniture donations and office equipment donations. Before donating, clean up the items and see that everything is in good working order. Remember – if you donate to a registered non-profit then your donation is tax deductible!


If you are interested in donating blood in Portland, Oregon, you must first make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria. Donating blood in Portland is no different than anywhere else in the United States.

You should be at least 17 years old, healthy and at least 110 pounds. According to the American Red Cross, you must wait eight weeks between blood donations. Not all blood donation center offer compensation, and those that do vary in how much they pay.

Use the Blood Banker or Dex Knows websites to find blood banks in your local area of Portland. Contact the blood bank you want to go to and inquire about the compensation for donating blood, which varies by blood bank.

Some may only offer compensation if you donate plasma.

Make an appointment with the blood bank where you want to donate in Portland.

In the time between setting up your appointment and the actual appointment, you should eat a lot of iron-rich foods. There is a list of such foods on the American Red Cross website.

Drink a lot of water or fluids the day of your appointment and wear a shirt with sleeves that can be pushed up comfortably.

Present your photo ID and a list of the medications you are currently taking to give to the clerk when you arrive for your appointment.

Be prepared to answer health-related questions and have your temperature, pulse and blood pressure taken.

Blood donation takes about 10 minutes, unless you decide to donate plasma, which takes two hours.

Eat and drink something in the refreshments area after you have given your donation. You are cleared to leave after 15 minutes.


Donating a timeshare property to charity is a new idea that is gaining momentum with timeshare owners everywhere. Do you have some timeshare property that you no longer want or need? Have you tried to sell your timeshare property? If so, there is a pretty decent chance that you have had some trouble finding a buyer.

Selling a timeshare by owner is notoriously difficult to do. Fortunately for you, there is another option. You can donate your timeshare property to charity. And the best part is that you can get a generous tax write-ff for your donation to charity!

Before donating your timeshare to charity you need to make sure that you are caught up on all of the maintenance fees and any other past due fees associated with the timeshare. Charities only accept timeshare donations when you own the timeshare free and clear and there are no past due fees.

Find out the fair market value (FMV) of your timeshare property before donating it to charity. The TRI Timeshare bluebook (link opens in new window) is a good place to start if you have no idea what the FMV of the timeshare happens to be.

It is important to keep in mind that if the FMV of the timeshare is over $5,000 and you plan on claiming more than $5,000 for the FMV on your taxes, the IRS requires that you have a certified appraisal for the timeshare donation.

You may already have a charity in mind where you want to donate your timeshare. Unfortunately, not all charities accept timeshare donations. To take the guesswork out if it, use a company like Donate For A Cause to make your timeshare donation. This isn’t the only company that does this, just one of the most well known.

The way that a company like this works is that you donate your timeshare to a charity through them. They have a list of national charities that accept timeshare donations and you just select the charity that you want to receive the donation.

Be prepared to sign over the deed and any other paperwork to transfer over the ownership of the timeshare to the charity. When you donate your timeshare to charity, you will get a donation receipt. It is important to hold onto this as you will need it when you file your taxes. You don’t have to send in the receipt to the IRS, but if they audit you then you want to make sure that you have it.

When you are ready to donate your timeshare property to charity, you can expect the entire process to take anywhere from 2 week to 4 four weeks to complete.


An easy way to donate to charity is by donating a car. Car donations are also an easy way to get a large tax write-off. When you donate a car to charity, one of two things happens.

One, the charity auctions off the vehicle so they can use the proceeds. Two, the charity keeps the vehicle and uses it. If the first one happens, you can claim on your taxes the final auction amount. If the second happens, you can claim the fair market value of the vehicle.

Here are 5 tips to donating a car to charity:

1. Look for charities that accept car donations directly. There are some intermediaries that accept car donations on behalf of charities, but they keep a chunk of the money. To get the most money to charity, choose a charity that takes its own car donations, like the Salvation Army.

2. Drive the car to the charity instead of letting them tow it in. If they have to tow it, then that is less money that the charity can use on their programs.

3. Only donate to tax-exempt charities with the 501 (c) (3) designation. This is the only way you can claim the donation on your taxes. You can check the charity’s status with the IRS via Publication 78 online.

4. Get your car appraised if it is worth over $5,000 because the IRS will not let you claim the donation amount unless you have an appraisal. If it is worth less than $5,000, you will be find with a Kelley Blue Book value quote.

5. Prepare to sign over the car title to the charity as soon as you make the donation. Steer clear of charities that want to you leave it blank and not sign it over yet. This leaves you liable for the car until they auction it off.