How To Donate Blood For Money In Portland, OR

If you are interested in donating blood in Portland, Oregon, you must first make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria. Donating blood in Portland is no different than anywhere else in the United States.

You should be at least 17 years old, healthy and at least 110 pounds. According to the American Red Cross, you must wait eight weeks between blood donations. Not all blood donation center offer compensation, and those that do vary in how much they pay.

Use the Blood Banker or Dex Knows websites to find blood banks in your local area of Portland. Contact the blood bank you want to go to and inquire about the compensation for donating blood, which varies by blood bank.

Some may only offer compensation if you donate plasma.

Make an appointment with the blood bank where you want to donate in Portland.

In the time between setting up your appointment and the actual appointment, you should eat a lot of iron-rich foods. There is a list of such foods on the American Red Cross website.

Drink a lot of water or fluids the day of your appointment and wear a shirt with sleeves that can be pushed up comfortably.

Present your photo ID and a list of the medications you are currently taking to give to the clerk when you arrive for your appointment.

Be prepared to answer health-related questions and have your temperature, pulse and blood pressure taken.

Blood donation takes about 10 minutes, unless you decide to donate plasma, which takes two hours.

Eat and drink something in the refreshments area after you have given your donation. You are cleared to leave after 15 minutes.

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