When you upgrade to a new computer, you can donate your old used computer to a charity. In fact, your used computer donation can even be written off on your taxes. In order to donate a used computer to charity, you must make sure that it actually works. If it does, gather together all of the software and accessories that go with it. This means things like the keyboard, the mouse, any speakers or anything else that goes with it. Charities prefer to receive the whole package instead of something like a used computer tower with no keyboard or mouse.

You can look to see if there are any local charities in your area that accept computer donations. There may be some shelters or organizations that train people for jobs that need computer donations.

If you want to claim the donation on your taxes, be sure to check the IRS website (link opens in new window) before choosing a place to make sure the organization is eligible for tax deductible donations.

There are also national charities that accept used computer donations. The National Cristina Foundation is one such organization that is eligible for tax deductible donations of used computers. Gifts In Kind America in another national charity that accepts used computer donations.

Some charities want you to mail them your computer donation while other have drop off centers. If you aren’t sure how to get your computer to the charity, just contact them first to find out the specifics.

You may also want to check if the charity has any limitations on the types of systems that they accept. You may find out that your computer is too old for the charity that you planned on taking it. If that’s the case, just look for another charity.

How Do I Donate Computers In Carroll, Maryland?

Are you in the Carroll, Mayland area? Carroll, Maryland is part of the greater Baltimore, Maryland area. If you are in the area and have some computers that you no longer need or want to keep, you can dispose of those computers by donating them to a charity in the area.

Donating computers to a charitable organization not only keeps the electronic items out of landfills, but it helps out organizations and people in need. It also qualifies you for a write-off on your taxes for the charitable donation. Find charitable organizations in the Carroll, Maryland area by looking at the list of charities on the Charity-Charities website.

While not all charities accept computer donations, you can identify charities that you are interested in to find out what they accept.

Contact the Carroll area charities that you are interested in to see if they accept computer donations. Some charities may have restrictions on the types of computers they accept, such as only certain operating systems or processors.

Hook up your computer and power it on to make sure it still works. Usually you can only donate computers that actually work. If it works, gather up the keyboard, mouse and any other accessories that you plan to donate with it.

Look up the fair market value of the computer, which you need to claim the donation on your taxes. You can use the Used Price website to get the value amount. You can also look for similar computers for sale in the local Carroll newspaper classified ads to get your value amount.

Drop off your computer at the Carroll, Maryland charity or the charity donation center. Ask for a donation receipt if you intend to claim the donation on your taxes.

How To Donate Used Office Equipment and Office Furniture

If your office doing some upgrades or remodeling? If so, what is happening to the old equipment and furniture? Did you know that you can donate used office equipment? You can also donate used office furniture. In fact, any type of used office equipment can be donated to charity. Everything from a fax machine to a coffee maker to a computer.

While you may have trouble donating cubicle walls, you can donate desks, chairs and other office furniture. To do so, you just need to find a local charity that takes office furniture donations and office equipment donations. The Salvation Army and the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) are two national charities that take these items.

If you do a little research, you can probably find local charities in your area that accept office furniture donations and office equipment donations. Before donating, clean up the items and see that everything is in good working order. Remember – if you donate to a registered non-profit then your donation is tax deductible!