How To Donate Eggs For Money in Wisconsin

Looking for a way to make extra money in Wisconsin? You can help out women that are having trouble conceiving by donating eggs. According to TMJ 4 Milwaukee, compensation can be as high as $5,000 per donation. As of November 2010, the egg donor program at Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin is paying $3,000 per donation. Typically the compensation is not given to donor until the donation process is complete. It can take up to two weeks to receive the payment by mail.

Use the Fertility Network website to identify an egg donation center in your area of Wisconsin. As of November 2010, clinics are listed in LaCrosse, Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee.Contact information, including a website, is listed for each clinic, when available. Complete an interest application with the egg donation clinic that you are interested in using.

For example, Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin have an online donor interest application while other clinics may require you to call and complete the application over the phone.

Wait to be contacted after submitting your interest application. When you are contacted, you will typically be scheduled for an initial interview at the egg donation clinic. At the interview you will be asked about your sexual history, medical history and social history. If accepted at the interview stage, you must undergo a health screening.

Go back to the clinic when you are scheduled for your health screening. Typically you must be between the ages of 18 and 33 and healthy weight, but the age requirements can vary by clinic.

Your blood will be tested for diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis. You will also be given a pap smear, cystic fibrosis genetic screening and a psychological evaluation. If you pass all of this, you will be given the legal paperwork to sign before you can become a donor.

Attend your regularly scheduled clinic visits, which takes place over eight weeks. During this period, you will be taking medication to ensure a healthy egg cycle. Once the period is up, you are scheduled for the retrieval of the eggs.

Ask someone to drive you to the clinic on the day of your egg donation. While it is an outpatient procedure, you will not be able to drive yourself or return to work on the day of donation. You should be able to return to work on the following day. Egg donations are typically limited to six times in Wisconsin.

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