How To Donate Household Goods

How To Donate Mattresses And Box Springs

Did you buy a new mattress set recently? Sometimes when you buy a new mattress set, the delivery driver will take away the old set. But sometimes they don’t.

So, what can you do with a used mattress and box springs set?

You can donate you used mattress and box springs to charity. In some states, the health department prevent charities like Goodwill from accepting used mattress sets. You should check with Goodwill and Salvation Army in your local area to see if they take used mattress donations.

If not, any place that assists homeless people or helps families get furniture will usually take mattress and box spring donations. So, check your local area for shelters and give them a call to see if they need any mattress or box springs. Just keep in mind that you may have to transport the mattress and box springs to the shelter yourself.

How To Donate A Massage Bed, Massage Chair Or Massage Table

Do you have a massage bed, table or chair that you no longer want? If so, you can donate that massage bed, table or massage chair. Sure, you may have a problem getting Goodwill or Salvation Army to take your massage bed donation. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t donate massage equipment. You just have to think outside the box about the types of places that would accept a massage bed or chair donation.

Any type of massage school, or massage program, will typically accept a massage equipment donation. And if they don’t, you can donate it to a student at the school. Bed and breakfasts, or B&B’s, often offer massage as a perk. You may be able to find a B&B that could use another massage table and would be glad to accept your donation.

You also have a couple of charity options for donating massage beds. Charities that help people get back on their feet and get good jobs are good places to try to donate a massage bed. They just might have someone that wants to start a spa or massage business.

Churches are another good option. Churches often look for fundraiser activities, and offering massages is a popular money maker at some church festivals.

How To Donate Pillows, Duvets and Other Bedding

Are you replacing some or all of your bedding? If so, you may have some pillows, a duvet or other bedding that you no longer need. Instead of throwing out those bedding items, why not donate them to a nonprofit organization? You can probably find several local charities in your local area that accept bedding donations.

In some instances, you may have difficulty donating pillows and duvets. This is because some state health departments advise against it for health reasons. However, you will find some shelters and furniture banks that do accept bedding donations of all types. Even mattresses!

Before donating your duvet, pillows or bedding, it is a good idea to make sure that the items are clean. You don’t want to donate items with large stains because there is a pretty high chance that the items will not be accepted.

Good places to try to donate are Goodwill and the Salvation Army, because they have thrift stores where donated items can be sold. You may have mixed success though. If so, ask around to find your local shelters and furniture banks. Then, make your donations there. You can also look for a church that is collecting items for families or homeless.

How To Donate Household Goods In New York City

Do you want to donate clothing in New York City? Do you want to donate furniture in New York City? Do you want to donate appliances in New York City?

If you are interested in how to donate household goods in NYC, it is something you can easily do. You may even qualify for a write-off on your taxes.

Any organization that you donate to that has tax exempt status earns you a tax write-off. However, you can only claim the fair market value of any item that you donate.

The Department of Sanitation’s NYCWasteLe$$ website can help you find a place to donate your household goods in New York City. Just view their “New Homes for Old Stuff” section of the website for a list of organizations that need your donation.

If you prefer to search for locations by borough, zip code or citywide you can do so on Department of Sanitation’s NYC Stuff Exchange website. Just look in the “Where to Donate” section. Additionally, you can consult the Mayor’s Volunteer Center’s database of places to donate household goods in New York City.

How to Donate A Television

Replacing your small TV with a big screen TV? If so, you may not want to keep your old TV. If that is the case, you can donate a television to charity. Goodwill and Salvation Army are two national charities that accept a TV donation. Local shelters and furniture banks are other organizations that accept a television donation.

You can donate a used television or a new television to charity. Before donating your TV, power it on to make sure it works. If your TV does not work, you should recycle it because a charity will not accept broken TVs.

Load your television in your car and take it to the drop-off donation center for the charity. If the charity is registered as a non-profit, you can get a receipt, which you can use for a tax write-off.

How to Donate Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets are easy to make and donate to charity. If you have some fleece blankets that you do not need or that you have made to donate to a charity, you can give the blankets to a variety of different charitable organizations. If you have a lot of the blankets to donate, you can even split your donation between more than one charity.

When you are ready to make the donation, you’ll find national and local organizations in your area where you can donate the blankets. Wash your fleece blankets, if they are used. Typically you can only donate items that are in good, clean condition. Use the or Charity Vault website to identify some charities in your area where you can make your donation.

Fleece blankets can be donated to a variety of places, such as the Humane Society, hospitals, United Way, shelters and Goodwill. Once you identify a charity you are interested in, click on it’s name to get contact details. Call or email the charity you have selected to make sure that fleece blankets are currently being accepted.

If that organization already has enough blankets, you can contact the next charity you are interested in. Once you have a charity that has a need for fleece blankets, ask how to donate. Some charities have a drop-off center while others want you to mail in the blanket. Get the blankets to the charity in the manner that they instructed you.

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