How To Donate A Bike To Charity

Having a bike is fine, but what if you have too many bikes in your garage? Then it’s time to donate a bike to charity. There are places that will take bikes of all shapes and sizes to give to other girls and boys in need that don’t have bikes. And you can donate any type of bike from road bikes to cruiser bikes to mountain bikes. There are some places as far away as third world countries where you can donate bikes to.

The first step is to find out what bikes (if any) you want to, or can, donate. Look in all your storage sheds and garages to find thee extra bikes. Once you find these, set them aside to donate in a special spot. Preferably, they should be stored in a place where they won’t get wet or dirty.

You should inspect the bikes carefully to ensure they are in good condition. If they are, then that part is done. The bicycles that aren’t, need to be repaired before they are ready to be donated. Some bicycle shops will repair the bikes for a small fee, but it should be affordable or free if you want to donate it right there in the shop. If you choose to do the repairs yourself, prepare to put in some time and money to do it. Then after they are repaired, set them aside again.

Step two is finding places to donate them. This may be easy or hard, depending on the area, to donate since not all charities can store the bike. There are charities that take bikes or any bike shop in your area, including Goodwill. A Google search can help you immensely for your area, especially since every area is different.

Once you find the place where you want to donate the bikes, contact them and ask them what you need to do to donate them. Some will even come and pick it up right from your house. For other places, you will want to go drop it off and get a tax receipt for it. You will want to ask them their hours of operation and where they accept bigger donations, like bikes at their place.

When you have arranged a suitable time to donate, now is the time to go and do it. Take the time to know where you are going and the time it takes to get there. You will be able to get there in plenty of time if you do. Go ahead and unload the bikes, and then you will be able to get a tax receipt for them.

Once that is done, feel good about yourself. Donating a bike to charity is a good thing and will be appreciated by the child who will receive it. It clears clutter in your shed or garage, and a little boy or girl will be happy with a bike all their own. Donating bikes to charity is a good thing to do. More people should think about donating something like bicycles to charity. Often, though, old bikes are given to other neighborhood kids, which is good also.

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